About Us

Founded February 1962 and Flourishing with Those Fabulous Female Flyers From Florida

In the late 50’s and early 60’s several girls began visiting each other at different airports to have lunch and just enjoy each others company. As the numbers grew we “organized” in 1962 and air traffic controller called us “Grasshoppers” because most of the airstrips we went to were grass.

There is really no organization. Our only purpose is to have lunch and enjoy each others company.

At some of our luncheons we may have a speaker, program or visit a place of interest.

As stated earlier there is really no organization but we do have names for our members,

GRASSHOPPER - A member (female).

LOCUST - A Grasshopper’s beloved (husband or boyfriend).

CRICKET - A male member.

NYMPH - The beloved of a Cricket.

Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of the month at various airports.

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