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August, 2019

I want to again stress that EAST CESSNA BLVD will be closed as of 7:00 AM on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. If you live on one of the various taxiways that funnel down to taxiways Sierra or Tango, and then you taxi down East Cessna to get to the runways, you will not be able to get your plane out starting at 7:00 AM Wednesday, July 31, 2019. If you have not already made arrangements, and you wish to move your plane so that you will have access, Joe Friend, our Airport Manager will assist  you in finding a temporary parking spot. Joe can be reached at 386-275-1894. Do not wait until Tuesday afternoon to start making your plans – the temp spots are quickly filling – phone today.



1) The projected dates for Phase I are July 31 through August 30.

2) Heavy Rains will extend the ending date. Clear weather will reduce the ending date. A week of rain like this week will cause delays.

3) The contractor told me this week they WILL be here at 7:00 AM on Wednesday the 31st to start tearing out the old taxiway at the east end of Cessna.

4) The contractor states that they will erect barricades where Sierra and Tango meet Cessna Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM

5) If you have a business on East Cessna, you will not have access via East Cessna during Phase I

6) You will find attached the piece I mailed to every owner, and emailed to every owner on 7/3/19 which explains everything and the various phases and includes a map

7) The POA OFFICE will be open during the entire paving project. Access will be via Slow Flight Drive. At the end of Slow Flight, and just before the Cemetery entrance, you will see small signs pointing to the POA office on the left. We are building a temp roadway across an empty lot (almost complete) that will allow you to drive up behind the POA and walk around to the front – we will be here.

8) During the entire paving project we will be working with the US Postal Service to get the mailman to your box or office. He won’t walk the route, so if you are expecting important mail and your box is on East Cessna, you might want to contact the US Postal service and arrange to pick it up personally, especially during Phase I.

9) We will be moving the UPS and FED-X Boxes currently on Cessna to the parking lot at the corner of Seclusion and Cessna – the Skinner corner property, and thanks to Mike Skinner and his assistant Chris for allowing this.

10) RUNWAY CLOSINGS – at the end of the project we will need to tie in the new asphalt to the runways. We will close the runways twice to accomplish this. The first closing will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, September 17, 18 & 19. The second closing will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 8, 9 & 10. Each closing will last 3 days.

11) HEAVY TRUCKS and ROUTE – A few weeks back I sent out a map of the route that all of the paving trucks will be using, and I again attach it to this email. We are telling everyone, and Security will be enforcing the fact that there must be no contractors parked on the streets along that route.  We can’t slow down the process and make them wait for the yard maintenance contractors.

In summary – we start the project this coming Wednesday, July 31 and your Board of Directors, your General Manager and the contractors believe we have everything ready to go as planned. The request we have to all ownership is that you please stay clear of the construction at all times, and this includes your aircraft, your street vehicles and golf carts as well. This is a work zone and we do not want to interrupt the contractors or workers.

Thank you all for your cooperation as we start this critical project.

Randy Newby
General Manager



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