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Karen Varner

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Karen Varner has worked with the leading global technology companies such as IBM, Deloitte, and Oracle for over twenty years in the role of Senior Project Manager. Most of her career has focused upon Human Resource Technology, Coaching and Career Development. She recently retired and left the corporate world behind to move with her husband Mark, to Spruce Creek Fly-in!
As a four-year-old, Karen was introduced to aviation when she flew with her father in his 1941 J3 Piper Cub. As Karen’s father was a physician in a small town in northwest Ohio, he often utilized the Cub to make house calls to his patients living in the rural areas of Ohio. Karen fondly remembers the smile on her father’s face as he often made some rather harrowing landings in soybean and corn fields. He would exit the J3 with his black bag, which often times was covered with soybean chaff. His patients were always elated to see “Doc” come to the rescue as he landed his yellow J3.
Karen is a Certified Interior Designer/Home Staging professional. In her leisure time, she is a member of Spruce Creek’s own dancing group, the “Creekettes” and also enjoys jazzercize, hiking, kayaking, taking long golf cart rides through the community and fun lunch parties at the Downwind!
Karen and Mark have three fur babies, Amos, Bleu, Sadie Grace. The Varner family loves visiting the “Big Tree” on Friday evenings to meet friends and neighbors of Spruce Creek. Please stop by Spruce Creek Fly-in Realty to say hello and welcome Karen!

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