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Spruce Creek Pilots:

Our Spruce Creek Airport runway will be closed starting 8 AM, Monday, August 7 until the paving and initial markings are done which is estimated to take 2-1/2 weeks or more depending on weather.

Helicopter operations may be accommodated but must be scheduled and organized with the Airport Manager and Spruce Creek Security.

Daytona Approach has been notified about these conditions.

All airport lighting will be off but the AWOS will continue to announce the airport closure.

Lighted X’s will be placed at each end of the runway.

Paving trucks will be using the west end of Cessna Blvd. and Beech Blvd.
so any aircraft movements as well as any other vehicle and pedestrian traffic must yield.

All paving equipment will be using the south gate to Country Club Dr. to Seclusion Dr. to Cessna Blvd. which is expected to be a traffic bottleneck.  The truck speed limit will be 20 MPH. Resident traffic is encouraged to use the north gate during this period.

At least 15 trucks will be moving through the community averaging about one every 5 minutes.

The work schedule will be Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM but could start earlier or stop later.

Parked aircraft should be moved away from the truck traffic lanes to avoid getting showered in dirt and debris. I will help find a safer place.

Barricades and blinking red lights will be placed on every runway exit to keep everything and everybody off the work area.

Approximately a month after the paving is completed the final markings will be painted on the runway (6/24) which will require closing the airport again for 4 to 5 days that schedule yet to be determined.

Joe Friend, Airport Manager

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