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Spruce Creek Real Estate For Sale - 7FL6


Located just south of Daytona Beach, Florida.
Airport ID 7FL6 (Formerly 44J) –  Private Use Only
NOTAM: CTAF 122.725 – AWOS: 121.725
NOTAM:  Runway is 6/24


Spruce Creek Airport – This is a private airport operating under a renewable Private Airport Registration and Site Approval issued by the State of Florida. Rules and restrictions imposed by this Registration govern its use. It is operated for the use and enjoyment of its residents, tenants and invitees. Only aircraft with an ICAO Registration (Tail Number) and FAA or Foreign Certified Pilots are permitted to operate within Spruce Creek Airport Traffic Area.

Transient Aircraft – “Transient” aircraft are limited to specifically invited guests of a Spruce Creek property owner or renter, hereafter referred to as “invitees”. It is the responsibility of the resident or tenant extending an invitation to make all invitee pilots aware of the transit parking locations, restrictions, operating rules, and procedures of this airport.

Invitee Aircraft Parking – Ramp Parking areas defined with a BLUE LINES at the Northwest side of Cessna Blvd. and the Northeast side Beech Blvd. are designated invitee parking areas. All invitees must register with the POA at (386) 760-5892, and or Spruce Creek Security at (386)756-6125. Invitees are issued a POA numbered Invitee Parking Pass to be displayed on the invitee aircraft glairshield.

As a means of prudent risk management in the operation of a private airport and to address Homeland Security issues, invitee aircraft are monitored daily by Spruce Creek Security. All unauthorized aircraft are reported each morning to the Airport Mgr., SCPOA Mgr., and if deemed necessary Government and Local authorities.

Spruce Creek airport

Overnight Fee of $10 per night is charged for small aircraft parking and $25.00 per day is charged for large aircraft (over 12,500 GW). These fees will be bill to owner of said Aircraft by the POA office. Residents or tenants sponsoring invitee aircraft are responsible for all unpaid parking fees. There are no fees or restrictions to the length of stay for invitee aircraft parked on private property.

To address Homeland Security and local safety and security issues, all unattended aircraft should be tied down and double locked.

We had a red tailed hawk visit the Spruce Creek country club.
Click on the picture to get a detailed view.

American Airlines’ first Boeing 777 drops in for a visit that thrilled the residents fortunate enough to see it come by.

I am going green!

The Air Force Thunderbirds came by for a visit.

Lenny’s WACO UPF-7.

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